Every financial circumstance is different. No two are the same, and that is why we love what we do. We are problem solvers at out core, and have spent countless hours crafting a process that we believe is most effective and efficient for our clients. 


What to expect?

Understanding your goals and vision. Here is where we focus completely on you. We'll tell you a little bit about our practice, the type of work we focus in on, and who we work with. However, you can expect the majority of our time together to be discussed regarding you, your family, and where you are wanting to end up.

This will be driven by education, concepts, and ideas. We'll share some insights with you and ideas that we may think would be helpful to hear based on our initial conversation. Here, we will decide if it makes sense to move forward with working together in order to help increase your profitability and quality of life.

We specialize in working with high-net individuals, seasoned engineers, and business owners who want to achieve results quickly and with the least amount of stress possible through a structured method we developed called the 4-5-6 Method. The 4-5-6 Method is a tool to help you identify potential problems before they happen and create a customized path for your finances, health, and relationships. 

Here's how it works:

4: Four exclusive expertise areas; legal1, taxes1, investments2, and insurance; 

5: Five whys of why we're putting together the strategy we are; 

6: Six financial fire drills of what could happen to the strategy and are we prepared for it


1Neither New York Life Insurance Company, nor its agents or affiliates provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professionals before making any decisions.

2Securities offered by Craig through NYLIFE Securities LLC, member FINRA/SIPC